Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stock Market Simulator - Stock Market Timing, Stock Market Trading Tips

How it Works
Stock Tips
Our proprietary prospecting software searches through over 6,000 stocks daily and filters out only those with the best chance of making a move of 15% or more in the near future.
Then our staff, who has extensive stock trading experience, carefully reviews the highlighted stocks before a final decision is made regarding which of these stocks have the characteristics necessary to be included in the Tips Log.
Interactive Games and Tools
Beat the Market is the fast, fun, and easy way to riches on Wall Street. Get years of stock trading experience in hours with these unique stock market simulation games and tools.
Those who just like entertaining games based on the real world and those who are serious about increasing their investment returns in the stock market should try Beat the Market.

Teach Your Kids About Stock Trading
Imagine how much more financially successful your child could be by learning about the stock market at an early age. Beat the Market teaches them naturally through realistic and exciting simulation games. They will learn by doing as they must make real trading decisions while playing the games just like when trading real stocks on Wall Street….

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